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Christopher P. Ramey
Keynote Speaker


What Makes Chris Different?



Chris Ramey speaks to corporate audiences and association conferences. His most popular keynote and seminar titles include:

  1. "Delight or Decay"
  2. "Progressing Forward" (your obligations and opportunities)
  3. "Convincing your customers they need you when the identical products are cheaper on the internet, you charge sales tax, the surly clerk is a relative you can’t fire, and there aren’t any parking spaces available."
  4. "Service Secrets from Luxury Leaders: What You Need To Know To Make Service Your Differentiator"
  5. "Change Your Showroom to a Sellroom" (Retail sales training – 90 minute to 3 day boot camp for real-life sales training)
  6. "The Ten Essentials to Successfully Selling Luxury"
  7. "Understanding Luxury in the New Economy" (New for 2009)
  8. "Building Your Retail Business in Turbulent Times" (New for 2009)
  9. "Leading Retail"
  10. "World Realities of Desire and Consumerism" (For high schools)

Chris customizes his presentations to fit the specific themes and messages you desire, and has 100% speaker satisfaction guarantee.